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  • Decking Designs – Timber Vs. Composite Decking Designs

    Composite Decking

    Timber Vs. Composite Decking Designs

    Lots To Compare

    Choosing the wood for your designer deck comes with a host of practical benefits, including:

    Material Composition:

    • Timber Decking Design: Made from natural wood.
    • Composite Decking Design: A blend of wood fibres and plastic bound together


    • Timber Decking Design: Offers a classic, natural look with unique wood grain patterns.
    • Composite Decking Design:Provides a modern appearance with a variety of colors and textures.


    • Timber Decking Design: Made from natural wood.
    • Composite Decking Design: Typically lower maintenance, no need for frequent staining or oiling, though some brands may need occasional sealing.

    Walking Comfort & Temperature:

    • Timber Decking Design: Made from natural wood.
    • Composite Decking Design: Provides a consistent texture free from splintering risks, requiring minimal maintenance. Take note, it can become notably warmer when exposed to direct sunlight, so shaded areas or strategic placement can enhance comfort.

    Durability & Lifespan:

    • Timber Decking Design: Can be long-lasting with proper maintenance, susceptible to warping and splintering over time.
    • Composite Decking Design: Highly resistant to warping, fading, and splintering, ensuring longer lifespan.


    • Timber Decking Design: Initial cost can be lower, but might incur more maintenance costs over time.
    • Composite Decking Design: Typically a higher initial investment, but can offset costs with reduced maintenance needs.
    Composite Decking Design
    Outdoor Composite Decking Design

    Why Choose Timber Decking Designs?

    With its stunning natural look and robust durability, and at an affordable price, timber decking reflects the needs of the modern Australian indoor-outdoor family without breaking the bank.

    If you’re in search of competitive prices for timber decking, look no further than Premier Pool Fencing and Decking. We offer a comprehensive supply and installation service in the greater Perth region, presenting a variety of excellent natural hardwood decking options.

    To survive our strong West Australian sun, you need hard wood decking that is robust and reliable. Our best-selling timber options include the popular Australian Jarrah, and Merbau – also known as Kwila. Jarrah timber decking has a renowned durability and strength. Merbau decking is designed specifically for hot climates, and with a high fire-resistance, is perfect for fire-prone areas.

    Outdoor Composite Decking Design Idea

    Experience Matters in Crafting Decking Designs

    At Premier Pool Fencing and Decking, we have extensive experience and knowledge in this industry. To provide extra support, we incorporate galvanised steel sub frames in our affordable timber decking for all bearers, joists, and stirrups. This approach significantly extends the lifespan and enhances the reliability of your decking, ensuring that your deck boards remain unaffected by twisting, even during the most severe weather conditions in Perth.

    At a lower initial cost than composite decking, timber decking remains a popular option throughout Perth. If affordability is your main priority, natural timber could be the perfect complement to your space. While maintenance is required, it remains minimal over the lifespan of your decking – which is covered by a 25-year warranty.

    A well-crafted timber decking has the ability to seamlessly expand your living space outdoors, evoking a vacation-like atmosphere. For those seeking to impress, consult our knowledgeable team at Premier Pool Fencing and Decking. We cater to the greater Perth metropolitan region, so reach out to us today for an obligation-free measure and great timber deck price.

    Why Choose Composite Decking Designs?

    Composite Decking Designs offer a modern and durable solution for outdoor spaces. Unlike traditional wooden decks, these designs resist warping, fading, and splintering, ensuring a longer lifespan with less maintenance. Particularly in regions like Perth, where the climate can be harsh, Composite Decking Designs stand out for their resilience against the elements. Moreover, they come in a variety of colors and textures, offering a custom aesthetic to match any home’s architecture. If you’re in Perth and considering an upgrade to your outdoor area, Composite Decking Designs not only enhance beauty but also ensure longevity.