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    Hardwood Deck

    Robust Hardwood Deck


    To survive Perth’s nine hour daily sunshine, you should look for hardwood decking that is strong, robust and able to survive the elements. Our best selling hardwood decking options include our very popular 100% Australian Jarrah, and Merbau, otherwise known as Kwila. Jarrah timber first identified in 1802 has since secured itself in the decking industry due to its renowned durability and strength. Merbau, our lighter colored hardwood decking is great for for hot climates, and with a high fire-resistance, is perfect for fire-prone areas.

    The Advantages of Hardwood Decking

    Choosing hardwood for your decking project offers a number of advantages, including:

    • It seamlessly integrates your space with the natural environment and provides a flawless aesthetic.
    • It creates a warm atmosphere that helps balance out brick, concrete, and metal features.
    • Hardwood offers a natural form of weather protection and requires minimal upkeep.
    • It provides comfortable walking surfaces, retains warmth, and offers insulation against the cold, unlike more traditional materials such as brick or concrete.
    • Hardwood is a more eco-friendly option compared to man-made materials that contribute to pollution during manufacturing.
    • It is suitable for sloping, hilly, and uneven areas, and offers customisable raised and tiered structures to meet your specific needs.
    • Wood decking is more cost-effective compared to composite decking.
    • Hardwood is easy to work with as it can be shaped, cut, stained, and painted effortlessly.
    Hardwood Decking
    Wood Decking Perth

    Transform Your Outdoor Space With Quality Hardwood Decking

    Considering its attractive and natural earthly aesthetics, as well as its sturdy and long-lasting qualities, hardwood decking is an excellent option for the contemporary Australian family who values indoor-outdoor living at a reasonable cost.

    Quality hardwood decking can seamlessly extend your living area, to the outdoors and create an environment that feels like a holiday home, with a balcony. If you’re looking to turn heads, talk to the experts at Premier Pool Fencing and Decking. We service areas from Joondalup down to Mandurah, so get in touch with us today for a free quote and start designing your dream entertainment area today.

    Composite Decking Installation Perth

    Hardwood Decking Cost / Price

    For competitive pricing on hardwood decking, look no further than Premier Pool Fencing and Decking. Our team in Perth provides a comprehensive supply and installation service, offering a variety of high-quality natural hardwood deck options.

    At Premier Pool Fencing and Decking, we have extensive experience and knowledge in this field. To provide extra stability and durability to our competitively priced hardwood decking, we utilise a galvanised steel subframe for all bearers, joists, and stirrups. As a result, your decking installation will have a longer lifespan and increased reliability, with the assurance that your deck boards will not twist, even during harsh weather conditions in Perth.

    With lower initial cost compared to composite decking, hardwood decking remains highly favoured in Perth. If you prioritise cost-effectiveness, natural timber is an excellent choice for enhancing your surroundings. While minimal upkeep is necessary, it remains manageable throughout the lifespan of the decking, which is covered by a 25-year warranty.