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  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

    Do I need to install fencing before filling my pool?

    It is actually required by Australian law that your swimming pool is only filled after an appropriate fence has been built around it and certified by a qualified party or your local council. Please refer to pool regulations for your area before proceeding.
    How much maintenance is in a timber deck?
    With the decking oil we use it is now very simple to maintain your deck. We recommend 3 coats in the first year and then 2 coats ever year after that. You can roll on the oil and as an example 50sqm would take 1hr.
    How strong is toughened safety glass?
    Toughened glass is a Grade A safety glass that is made to Australian Standards. This means that it is incredibly strong and impact resistant. In the unlikely event that one of your panels breaks, it will break into small pieces that significantly reduce the chance of injury.
    What is the standard height for pool fencing?
    The minimum height for any fencing used around a swimming area is 1200mm from any ground surface. This standard has been based on a 5 year old, so note that older children may be able to climb over it. We can increase the height of your fence if desired.
    What floor level clearence is needed for me to install a deck?
    The height required to install a deck is 175mm although this can vary with changing of materials.
    What are the maximum gaps I can have between panels?
    The maximum gap that you can have between glass panels is no more than 100mm. The gap that you can have between glass panels and the ground is also no more than 100mm (the ground underneath, however, needs to be stabilised.