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  • Tubular Pool Fencing



    What are you looking for in a pool fence?
    Is it safety, strength, and durability? If so, look no further than tubular metal pool fencing. Manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel, tube pool fencing and balustrading is a flexible and popular option that will suit almost any Perth yard.


    Do you know the laws in Western Australia regarding pool fencing? Before any swimming pool is filled, it must be secured by an adequate fence – whether it’s glass, aluminium, or stainless-steel fencing. In addition, you must meet local council requirements.

    There’s a lot to consider when installing a metal pool fence. Do you need shelter from the wind? Will your gate be in the safest optimum position? How much space do you have, and what will it look like from inside your home?

    With so many variables to consider, save yourself the headache. Our experienced and knowledgeable team know the exact specifications your new fence needs to be. We’ll make sure your tube pool fencing will be compliant to all Australian standards, and you and your loved ones can go back to enjoying your pool.

    Hassle-free efficiency. It’s the Premier Pool Fencing & Decking ethos. If you’re in the greater Perth region, get in touch with us today. We’ll even quote and measure your fencing for free.

    What are you looking for in a pool fence installer?

    We’d wager its efficiency, affordability, and simplicity. You’ve come to the right place. Premier Pool Fencing & Decking have been serving the Perth region for years, offering an array of high-quality tube steel fencing options. We make installing your fence simple from start to finish, and as a SPASA accredited installer, you can rest assured our work meets stringent industry quality standards.

    What’s your style? Colourbond powder coated aluminium and steel pool fences come in a range of colours, profiles, and designs. They’re rust-free and built to last a lifetime, which is why they come with a 10-year warranty. Our hollow tubular fences offer the strength of a tough metal exterior with the added benefit of portability and ease of installation. Both aluminium and steel are high quality metals, with a range of distinct benefits.

    Cost Effective

    Aluminium pool fencing is cost-effective, lightweight, and looks fantastic. It’s easy to install, and resistant to corrosion.

    Steel pool fencing is the strongest and most secure fencing available. It’s heavier, long-lasting and will withstand the harsh Perth elements.

    Depending on your specific application and preference, we’ll recommend the perfect metal fence option for your pool area.

    Experience Matters

    Here at Premier Pool Fencing and Decking, we’ve been doing this a long time, and we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way. For additional support, we employ a galvanised steel sub frame for all bearers, joists and stirrups in our competitively priced timber decking. This means a significantly increased lifespan and reliability of your decking installation, ensuring your deck boards do not twist even in the most extreme Perth weather conditions.

    At a lower initial cost than composite decking, timber decking remains a popular option throughout Perth. If affordability is your main priority, natural timber could be the perfect complement to your space. While maintenance is required, it remains minimal over the lifespan of your decking – which is covered by a 25-year warranty.

    Quality timber decking can seamlessly extend your living area into the outdoor and create an environment that feels like a holiday home. If you’re looking to turn heads, talk to the experts at Premier Pool Fencing and Decking. We service the greater Perth metro area, so get in touch with us today for an obligation free measure and great timber deck price.