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  • Pool Glass Fencing Perth

    Luxury Pool Glass Fencing In Perth

    5 Star Finish

    Perth glass fencing needs to adhere to strict legislative requirements and quality control standards. Fences must always be fitted prior to filling a swimming pool and requires official approval from your local council.

    That’s why it pays to use expert fencing installers – and our team has been installing high quality glass fencing at affordable prices for years. We’re a Swimming Pool and Spa Association of WA accredited installer, which means our work is backed by an organisation that represents only the best in the industry. We will ensure your fence meets or exceeds every legal requirement, for your peace of mind, and the safety of your loved ones.

    When working with us, your transparent cost covers all materials, labour and unparalleled customer service. We’ll cut, measure, install, and secure your semi frameless pool fence. We can even fabricate glass to custom sizes, for all those tricky outdoor spaces.

    Get A No-obligation Price Estimate For Pool Glass Fencing In Perth From Professionals Near You

    When looking for glass pool fencing prices in Perth, speak to the professionals at Premier Pool Fencing and Decking. Contact us today for a competitive free quote and measure – you’ll be glad you did. We proudly service Perth and the surrounding areas.

    Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional Glass Fencing Panels Installer?

    Glass fencing offers a beautiful window into your pool area. Here at Premier Pool Fencing and Decking, we offer stunning glass pool fencing solutions at competitive prices.

    How much does it cost?

    Several factors will affect the price of your glass fencing in Perth.

    How large is your fence area?

    – You may choose to use glass fencing for all sections, including the portion between the pool and the patio, or any other combination you prefer. A combination of aluminium and glass fencing is often a cost-effective and attractive option.

    – Many people opt for glass pool fencing, as it provides a modern, sleek look that is both safe and appealing.

    Should the fence be framed or not framed?

    Each offers a variety of functions and capabilities.

    – Frameless glass fencing generally comes with a higher price point. It consists of floating panels held securely in place by grounded spigots, providing a luxurious and uninterrupted view.

    – Semi-frameless glass fencing is a cost-effective option that offers many of the benefits of frameless glass fencing. It consists of glass panels connected by lightweight metal posts.

    – The cost of the glass panes remains the same regardless of the type of fence chosen.

    Are there any special components required to install a glass fence?

    – Frameless glass fencing utilises spigots to hold the floating panels securely in place.

    – Semi-frameless glass fencing requires fence posts to connect the glass panels.

    – Additional components such as panels for latches and hinges, as well as handrails, may be included in your glass fencing quotation, potentially affecting the overall cost.